Professional Service Firms

Business Insurance for Professional Service Firms need insurance to manage the kind of risk exposure unique to the markets they serve. The biggest risk for Professional Service Firms is the liability associated with making a mistake for a client you serve. An Errors and Omissions policy will strengthen your basic policies.

We have policies for:
Lawyers, Accountants, Doctors offices, Dental practices, Employment Agencies, Architects, Technology Consultants, Management Consultants, Advertising and Marketing Agencies, and many other service based businesses.

Our Business Insurance Specialists always on hand to answer your questions, there’s never any stress, or difficulty making an insurance claim. You can even pay by the month to help your cash flow.

• Business Owner Policies (BOP)
• Error and Omissions Policies
• Fidelity Bonds
• Commercial Umbrellas
• Commercial Auto Package Policies
• Workers compensation Policies.

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